The sustainable choice

Environmentally conscious production goes without saying for us. Therefore, we encourage sustainable measures that reduce the use of resources and materials. We only use suppliers who live up to our own requirements for recycling at all levels. Our commitment to sustainability is found in everything we do.

By the year 2100, the earth will be inhabited by over 11 billion people

To accommodate everyone, we will need more than 2 billion new housings. This means that we have to build smarter, more efficiently and much more sustainable.

Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs, as our strategic framework, we have chosen a set of goals where we can commit as a company.

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Renewable sustainability

Fibo wall panel are made of certified and renewable wood, comes with its own EPD and can contribute to gain extra points for construction projects that are to be environmentally certified according to LEED.

Wood is a renewable resource that stores carbon even when in use in products. Fibo wall panel is made of PEFC-certified woods that ensure sustainable forestry, and comes with its own EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) which documents the environmental calculation for both the raw material and the production. In our annual ESG report, you can also follow how we work for reduced energy use, better waste management and circular economy.


LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized green building certification system, which verifies that a building was designed to improve performance across metrics such as energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, and stewardship of resources. LEED also offers building owners and operators a concise framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations, and maintenance solutions.”

Healthier living and working conditions

Fibo has been assessed in relation to health and the environment in several areas and the products have been registered in several of the Scandinavian environmental databases.

• Sintef Technical Approval
• Eco product assessment
• Nordic Ecolabelling Portal
• Basta Online
• SundaHus environmental data assessment

Environmental declaration

Fibo has an EPD, (Environmental Product Declaration). An EPD is an independent, verified environmental declaration that provides consumers with comparable information on the environmental impact of different products in a life cycle perspective. The EPD is based on the principles and rules that apply in the international standard ISO 14025, and has broad international acceptance. Fibo’s EPD can also be used by building contractors when new buildings are to be certified in accordance with BREEAM.

CO2 emissions

At Fibo, we focus on producing products with sustainability and a focus on the environment. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact throughout the value chain and therefore work continuously to reduce emissions and energy consumption. We have invested NOK 140 million in new machines and new equipment to improve efficiency and at the same time reduce our total energy needs.

In 2017, we completed a major rebuild and replacement of production equipment that provides energy savings per square meter with increased production volume. At the same time, we improved the logistics at the plant so that the materials could be transported shorter than before. At Fibo, we work continuously with both the whole and specific details to improve our processes and reduce the environmental impact.

Reasons to choose Fibo

  • Easy installation

    Up to 50% faster to install than tiles

  • Safe and approved

    100% Waterproof surface

  • Ecofriendly wallsystem

    Low emissions to the higher level

What they say!

Frequently asked questions

The Product will not delaminate, stain, fade or crack during the Warranty period as a result of defects in materials and manufacture of the Product, when properly installed in accordance with Fibo’s installation instructions and cared for in accordance with Fibo’s instructions for Cleaning and Maintenance or Product Guide, more details in Technical Data

Please note where the temperature is above 80°C/176°F eg. behind some gas stoves and
cooktops, we recommend using a heat resistant decorative material(stainless steel is commonly
used) or tempered glass product to protect the panel and avoid heat possibly dulling the
panel. Please check with the manufacturer of gas appliance to determine required wall clearance
for gas appliance installation to ensure temperatures don’t exceed the level listed above where
Fibo Kitchen Board is installed. Freestanding Ranges with a rear vertical control panel/display do
not apply to this concern.

Fibo can be used in most rooms, but there are exceptions. Like swimming pools and saunas. On the other hand, Fibo is excellent for changing rooms, showers and other spaces adjacent to saunas and swimming pools.

Yes, Fibo is approved for all wet room zones, for example, in the bathroom shower. This is due to the membrane in the sealing layer. Our panels are excellent in all wet rooms, but also where extra-durable walls are needed, like in hallways, garages or laundry rooms. Fibo Kitchen Board is built the same way and also waterproof.

Many of our panel models are delivered in 10-foot heights. If the model you choose cannot be found in the desired height, we have a list you can use to add the wanted height to Fibo. 

The most safe and versatile installation method is with the OSB strips. See how on this link.

If you plan to mount bathroom fittings, a washbasin, faucet, wall-mounted toilet or other bathroom furniture on the panel, you need to install, for example, a 0.5-inch thick sheet of plywood behind it. You can, of course, attach the decor to studs behind the wall. 

Fibo Seal is specially developed for our panels and is ETAG 022 approved. Fibo Seal is also supplied in the same colors as the joints on the panels. Do not use silicone, only MS polymer sealant approved according to SINTEF TG 2289.

Use the Purchase calculator to find out what’s necessary for your installation. If you need more guidance please contact your supplier of Fibo panels, or Fibo directly at

For installation on masonry/concrete walls above ground, use the following solution: Make sure the concrete is dried out and has a maximum moisture level of 85% when mounting. The substrate must be level and provide good attachment possibilities for nails and screws where the panels meet. Remember, where you hang up washbasins or other heavy objects, there must be extra reinforcement.

Forget about the vapor barrier, primer, fix and joints. Fibo panels have an integrated vapor barrier and you can mount the panels directly on the wall framework.

Yes, Fibo can be glued onto old existing tiles. Ask a craftsman or a hardware store for the most suitable glue. You can view the complete installation guide at this link.

Yes, it is safe to glue Fibo onto drywall, however check the suppliers requirements for extra support before installing a seat, niche or grab bar.

Why choose Fibo?

Fibo wall panel has been developed to make installation simple and cost-effective for our customers. The wall system can be installed up to five times faster than tiles. The panels can be attached to wooden or steel studs, or directly to the existing wall.

  • Easy installation

    Up to 50% faster to install than tiles

  • Safe and approved system

    100% Waterproof surface

  • Eco-friendly solution

    Lower emission to the higher level