State of the art production

The factory setup at Fibo is built for the future! Through high focus on digitalization and automation, we are able to deliver high quality products, be efficient and continue to develop world class products. With a service level close to a hundred percent and being appointed as the no. 1 LEAN company in Norway at three occasions, it shows that our workers are dedicated, enthusiastic and well organized.

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Experience through more than 70 years

Ever since 1952, we have worked to protect the wall of your wet rooms – from the very beginning with panels to complete wall systems for everything from large ships and fishing vessels to private homes to larger housing projects, schools, hospitals and grocery stores.

Production still takes place in Lyngdal, Norway. Here we have upgraded the factory to become a modern low-emission plant that produces more and more wall using less and less energy – with reduced waste and increased recycling for new raw materials.

All our products come with their own EPDs that tell what imprints they make on the environment. They can be used in environmental certification of major construction projects, and in our annual environmental report you can follow where we are going.

Read more about our environmentally friendly wall system

Fibo – Engineered with quality in mind!

When choosing Fibo wall panels for your bathroom renewal, you get to the finish line faster without compromising the quality. The Fibo Wall System can provide a cost saving on material up to 50% and reduce the amount of working hours up to 65%. Forget all the steps with plaster, membrane and tiles. Everything is already in the panel. Approved for wet rooms and with a Limited Life Time Warranty for residential installations and 25-years for commercial installations.

  • Easy installation

    Up to 50% faster to install than tiles

  • Safe and approved

    100% Waterproof surface

  • Ecofriendly wallsystem

    Low emissions to the higher level

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