Ethical Business Conduct

Ethical business conduct promotes integrity and accountability in the business world. By prioritizing ethics and social responsibility, trust is built, sustainable growth is achieved, and a positive impact on society is made.

Committed to ethical business conduct and responsible production

Ethics is a crucial dimension in Fibo’s business operations that goes beyond merely complying with current regulations. Fibo is committed to taking responsibility for the entire supply chain and ensuring fair and acceptable conditions and working conditions for all involved, including employees, subcontractors, raw material producers, and the transportation sector.

Ethical business conduct and dignity for all employees

Fibo acknowledges the importance of ensuring that all employees, regardless of their role in the value chain, are treated with dignity and respect. This involves actively working to ensure fair wages and working conditions for everyone. Fibo seeks to establish long-term and trusting relationships with its subcontractors and partners, encouraging transparency and open dialogue to ensure ethical operations throughout the entire supply chain.

A significant aspect of ethical business conduct is training and awareness. Fibo invests in training for its employees and business partners to prevent unwanted behaviour and attitudes. This includes training on corruption, whistleblowing systems, and anti-corruption practices. By promoting ethical awareness and ethical leadership, Fibo creates an organizational culture that encourages accountability and integrity at all levels.

Promoting inclusion, diversity, and corporate social responsibility in the workplace

Fibo is committed to creating an inclusive work environment for everyone, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, age, or ability. We value diversity and equality as strengths and sources of creativity and innovation. Through recruitment practices, career development, and workplace initiatives, Fibo ensures that all employees are treated fairly and equally.

Fibo’s commitment to ethical business conduct extends to corporate social responsibility. We actively participate in initiatives and projects that give back to the community and contribute to more sustainable development. This includes involvement in local community projects, environmental conservation, and social welfare programs.

Through our focus on ethical business conduct and responsible supply chain, we seek to act in a way that respects human rights, promotes equality, and maintains integrity in all aspects of the business. As a company that values ethics as a core part of our values, we also aim to inspire others to work towards similar standards and contribute to a more ethical and just business world.