Nursing homes Lørenskog municipality

Builder Kjell Mork emphasizes speed during assembly and that it is completely tight so that you do not have to think about possible moisture damage after assembly and handover of the projects.

The builder guarantees that by using Fibo Wall Panel, the savings will be between NOK 50,000 and NOK 100,000 on an average bathroom.

They mostly use Fibo in bathrooms but have also started using wall panels in bathrooms and Fibo Kitchen Board in kitchens to get a good construction.

When both the builder and the customer emphasize total economy and speed combined with a secure bathroom with a great design, Fibo is an excellent solution for all parties.

We emphasize overall economy and speed

Builder, Kjell Mork


  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Functional walls

Product / delivery

A total of approximately 1700 m2 wall panel was delivered to the project

  • Colour Collection – Milano Antrasite
  • Colour Collection – Denver White
  • Legato – Hvit HG


Dommersnes & Larsen AS