Introducing 2090 Light Grey

Due to some minor changes in manufacturing, 0090 Svalbard will be discontinued and replaced with an almost identical decor, 2090 Light Grey.

Whilst very similar, Svalbard and Light Grey do not have identical NCS (colour) codes and therefore it is not recommended to click these two panels together, or use in the same room.

Changes are effective from 03.11.2022.

New article numbers

Art.nrDescriptionDimensions (mm)
2090M002090-M00 EM Light Grey11x620x2400
2090M03032090-M0303 EM Light Grey11x620x2400
2090M102090-M10 EM Light Grey11x620x2400
2090M30052090-M3005 EM Light Grey11x620x2400
2090M60152090-M6015 EM Light Grey11x620x2400
2090M60202090-M6020 EM Light Grey11x620x2400
2090M60302090-M6030 EM Light Grey11x620x2400
2090M60402090-M6040 EM Light Grey11x620x2400
2090M60602090-M6060 EM Light Grey11x620x2400
2090L002090-L00 EM Light Grey11x620x3020
2090LM60302090-LM6030 EM Light Grey11x620x3020
2090LM60602090-LM6060 EM Light Grey11x620x3020
2090M742090-M74 EM Light Grey11x620x2400
2090KM30102090-KM3010 EM Light Grey11x620x580
2090 M30102090-M3010 EM Light Grey11x620x2400

Discontinued article numbers

0090M000090-M00 EM Svalbard
0090M03030090-M0303 EM Svalbard
0090M100090-M10 EM Svalbard
0090M30050090-M3005 EM Svalbard
0090M60150090-M6015 EM Svalbard
0090M60200090-M6020 EM Svalbard
0090M60300090-M6030 EM Svalbard
0090M60400090-M6040 EM Svalbard
0090M60600090-M6060 EM Svalbard
0090M740090-M74 EM Svalbard
0090L000090-L00 EM Svalbard
0090LM60300090-LM6030 EM Svalbard
0090LM60600090-LM6060 EM Svalbard
0090LM60600090-LM6060 EM Svalbard
0090M30100090-M3010 EM Svalbard
0090KM30100090-KM3010 EM Svalbard