Product information news. Changes effective from 01.10.2022

At Fibo we are always looking to stay on top of the latest trends in bathroom design.

We see that black is very much back in fashion. Black showers, black shower doors, black mixer taps, black towel radiators, black thermostats, black lighting fixtures…. you get it, black is back!

On 1st October, Fibo is introducing our new black profiles and a black sealant so all the amazing tradespersons installing Fibo can match the black fixtures with our profiles and sealant – as always, custom engineered for Fibo panels.

Not only do we work hard to stay on top of the latest trends, but we are continuously looking for ways to simplify installation. One area we noticed we could tweak was our base profile. We have increased the distance between the panel and the base profile by approx. 1/16″ – which will make assembling Fibo even smoother than it is today.

The improvements don’t stop there. We have adjusted the formula of our existing grey and white sealants. The result is two “new” sealants which are even easier to apply and colours that match more closely that of our own profiles.

In our October update, some items will receive new article numbers while others will be discontinued – most notably our “Dark Anthracite” profiles will be removed. For a full overview of the changes see the tables below.

New Items!

Article numberProduct nameCollection
166300-E Base profile Alu. ProfilesAlu. Profiles
166310-E Base profile Black Alu. Profiles Black
400610Fibo Seal GreyAccessories
400611Fibo Seal WhiteAccessories
400612Fibo Seal BlackAccessories

New Article Numbers

Previous article numberDescriptionNew article numberD-Pak (PAC)
Wall Panel
840110Wall panel 110 S White Silk (E)4101107039490507242
840145Wall panel 0145 S Soft Cement (E)4101457039490513731
840172Wall panel 172 S Polar Grey (E)4101727039490507273
840192Wall panel 192 S Titan (E)4101927039490507280
842442Wall panel 2442 S Meton Grey (E)4124427039490522146
845746Wall panel 5746 S Grey Sand (E)4157467039490519054
410164-EWall panel 0164 S Oak Nature (E)4101647039490524744
410506-EWall panel 506 HG Toscana (E)4105067039490507303
411035-EWall panel 1035 S Silver Slate (E)4110357039490527714
413110-EWall panel 110 HG White High Gloss (E)4131107039490507709
840505-EWall panel 505 HG Gavot (E)8405057039490513106
840520-EWall panel 520 HG Ivory (E)8405207039490513113
2035M00-EWall panel 2035-M00 EM Grey Slate (E)2035M00 7039490527516
2035M6060-EWall panel 2035-M6060 EM Grey Slate (E)2035M60607039490527509
2035M6080-EWall panel 2035-M6080 EM Grey Slate (E)2035M60807039490527493
2094F01-EWall panel 2094-F01 S White (E)2094F017039490512963
2094M6030-EWall panel 2094-M6030 S White (E)2094M60307039490513007
2094M6040-EWall panel 2094-M6040 S White (E)2094M60407039490515780
2094M6060-EWall panel 2094-M6060 S White (E)2094M60607039490513014
2094M71-EWall panel 2094-M71 S White (E)2094M717039490525680
2094M72-EWall panel 2094-M72 S White (E)2094M727039490525697
2094M74-EWall panel 2094-M74 S White (E)2094M747039490522269
2145M00-EWall panel 2145-M00 S Grey Cement (E)2145M007039490513724
2145M6030-EWall panel 2145-M6030 S Grey Cement (E)2145M60307039490513717
2145M6060-EWall panel 2145-M6060 S Grey Cement (E)2145M60607039490513700
2204F00-EWall panel 2204-F00 S Cracked Cement (E)2204F007039490504715
2204M63-EWall panel 2204-M63 S Cracked Cement (E)2204M637039490504753
2204M66-EWall panel 2204-M66 S Cracked Cement (E)2204M667039490504760
2487M00-EWall panel 2487-M00 S Bianco Marble (E)2487M007039490526410
2487M6060-EWall panel 2487-M6060 S Bianco Marble (E)2487M60607039490526427
2487M6080-EWall panel 2487-M6080 S Bianco Marble (E)2487M60807039490526434
2272M00-EWall panel 2272-M00 S Black Marble (E)2272M007039490516275
2272M6060-EWall panel 2272-M6060 S Black Marble (E)2272M60607039490516282
2273M00-EWall panel 2273-M00 S White Marble (E)2273M007039490516244
2273M6060-EWall panel 2273-M6060 S White Marble (E)2273M60607039490516299
2279M00-EWall panel 2279-M00 S Silver Grey Marble (E)2279M007039490516251
2279M6060-EWall panel 2279-M6060 S Silver Grey Marble (E)2279M60607039490516305
2898F00-EWall panel 2898-F00 RU Shabby Chic (E)2898F007039490505521
2898M63-EWall panel 2898-M63 RU Shabby Chic (E)2898M637039490505552
3091F01-EWall panel 3091-F01 HG Denver White (E)3091F017039490505590
3091F05-EWall panel 3091-F05 HG Denver White (E)3091F057039490505613
3091F23-EWall panel 3091-F23 HG Denver White (E)3091F237039490505651
3091F24-EWall panel 3091-F24 HG Denver White (E)3091F247039490505668
3091F25-EWall panel 3091-F25 HG Denver White (E)3091F257039490505675
3091M6040-EWall panel 3091-M6040 HG Denver White (E)3091M60407039490505903
3091M63-EWall panel 3091-M63 HG Denver White (E)3091M637039490505910
3091M66-EWall panel 3091-M66 HG Denver White (E)3091M667039490505927
3487M00-EWall panel 3487-M00 HG Bright Marble (E)3487M007039490526441
3487M6060-EWall panel 3487-M6060 HG Bright Marble (E)3487M60607039490526458
3487M6080-EWall panel 3487-M6080 HG Bright Marble (E)3487M60807039490526465
4943F00-EWall panel 4943-F00 EM Grey Concrete (E)4943F007039490508690
4943M63-EWall panel 4943-M63 EM Grey Concrete (E)4943M637039490508713
2126M00-EWall panel 2126-M00 S Dark Soot (E)2126M007039490522160
8053M00-EWall panel 8053-M00 STN Lentini Grey (E)8053M007039490509529
5200M00-EWall panel 5200-M00 EM Warm Grey (E)5200M007039490516527
6274M00-EWall panel 6274-M00 EM Dusty Blue (E)6274M007039490519221
4746M6040-EWall panel 4746-M6040 STN Grey Sahara (E)4746M60407039490508560
8056M00-EWall panel 8056-M00 STN Lentini Dark (E)8056M007039490509598
0090M00-EWall panel 0090-M00 EM Svalbard (E)0090M007039490500212
5206M00-EWall panel 5206-M00 EM Olivegreen (E)5206M007039490516510
Kitchen Board
3091K03-E Kitchen Board 3091-K03 HG Denver White (E)3091K037039490505705
2204K00-E Kitchen Board 2204-K00 S Cracked Cement (E)2204K007039490504722
2273KM00-E Kitchen Board 2273-KM00 S White Marble (E)2273KM007039490516213

Discontinued Items

Article numberMeasurements (depth, width, height)
Wall Panel
0433-M00 EM Reykjavik0433M000 ⁷/₁₆ x 24 x 94 inch
0433-M0303 EM Reykjavik0433M03030 ⁷/₁₆ x 24 x 94 inch
0433-M10 EM Reykjavik0433M100 ⁷/₁₆ x 24 x 94 inch
0433-M3005 EM Reykjavik0433M30050 ⁷/₁₆ x 24 x 94 inch
0433-M6015 EM Reykjavik0433M60150 ⁷/₁₆ x 24 x 94 inch
0433-M6020 EM Reykjavik0433M60200 ⁷/₁₆ x 24 x 94 inch
0433-M6030 EM Reykjavik0433M60300 ⁷/₁₆ x 24 x 94 inch
0433-M6040 EM Reykjavik0433M60400 ⁷/₁₆ x 24 x 94 inch
0433-M6060 EM Reykjavik0433M60600 ⁷/₁₆ x 24 x 94 inch
840505 Gavot505 HG Gavot0 ⁷/₁₆ x 24 x 94 inch
Kitchen Board
0433-KM3010 EM Reykjavik 0433KM301011 x 24 x 18 inch
0433-M3010 EM Reykjavik 0433M3010 0 ⁷/₁₆ x 24 x 94 inch
Base profile alu 2400mm 163910-E 94 inch
Combi profile, Dark Anthracite 16390494 inch
External corner profile, Dark Anthracite 2400 mm 163919 94 inch
Internal corner profile two parts, Dark Anthracite 2400 mm 163130-E94 inch
L-profile small, Dark Anthracite 2400 mm 163943-E 94 inch
L-profil large, Dark Anthracite 2400 mm 163949-E 94 inch
L-profile small, Dark Anthracite 580 mm 10229018 7/64 inch
Fibo Seal Dark Anthracite 400593 290 ml
Fibo Seal Grey 400591290ml
Fibo Seal White400590290ml